Estephanie Rodriguez, former intern.

Estephanie Rodriguez, former intern.

Where are you from? I am from Los Angeles, CA.

What do you aspire to accomplish in the future? I aspire to become a CPA and obtain a position as a Corporate Controller in the future.

How did you hear about Manos Accelerator? I first heard about Manos through one of the founders, Ed.

What was your role at Manos? During my time with Manos I worked closely with Hana Yang and helped her launch the Manos Angel Network. My main duty was ensuring that all Manos Angel Network events ran smoothly.

How has Manos helped you grow personally and professionally? Manos has further motivated me to have a successful career and to become a part of the growing Latino presence in Silicon Valley.

What did you take away from your experience at Manos? My biggest takeaway from interning at Manos is that success isn’t something that is easily obtained. Success is a long path with many highs and lows, but if you stay resilient you can achieve success.

How has your internship with Manos prepared you for a future career? It has helped me improve my networking skills and my ability to work with a diverse group of people.

What was one thing that you were exposed to at Manos that you would not have experienced anywhere else? One thing I was exposed to was Angel Investing. I had not had much knowledge about Angel Investors apart from what I learned in college. It was great gaining more insight into what it takes to be an Angel Investor.

Share a memorable experience. A memorable experience was listening to Sheryl Sandberg speech at NCLR event in Los Angeles. She is one of my role models and inspires me to one day take an important role in a company.

How did you change during your internship from your first day to your last day? The biggest change at the end of the internship was my confidence. I take on challenges now with more confidence and positivity.

What was your favorite part about being an intern? My favorite part about being an intern was learning more about angel investors and being able to diversify my network.

Describe your relationship with your bosses, and the startups. I had a great relationship with Hana, Sylvia, and Ed. I always felt like they truly cared about me and wanted to see me succeed. The people from the startups were very friendly and I always enjoyed working with them.

Where are you now? What are you doing now? I am currently working as a Staff Accountant at a manufacturing company in Santa Clara, CA.