Monkier is Limitless While Transforming the Lives of Others Through Home Maintenance

QUICK PITCH: Monkier is a quick and convenient solution to find, schedule and hire home maintenance and personal care services.

THE BUSINESS: Monkier was founded because we couldn’t live in a world where finding a service provider had many obstacles like spending time on a search engine, asking your friends for recommendations or calling your mom for help and even if you do so, the service wasn’t available for the exact moment that you need it.

THE "AHA" MOMENT: It’s always rainbows and butterflies in life until someone clogs the toilet and in that emergency situation you need someone who’s quick, reliable and most important available for you in that moment. Sounds easy to solve, but it can actually take up to 72 hours to get it fixed, been there and done that that’s why we want to change that.

HOW DOES IT MAKE MONEY: We charge 20% for each completed service.

BUSINESS IT COULD DISRUPT: Home maintenance & yellow pages, we want to change the way people look up and hire services.

MARKET SIZE: Improving homes in Mexico is a job mostly considered to be done by specialists whom consumers pay to do “the hard work” of such tasks due to the poor local DIY culture, while busy lifestyles and the widespread availability of cheap labour mean that many Mexicans still prefer to hire outside contractors, due to this behavior home care market size in Mexico represent $10B monthly, nevertheless Monkier seek to reach online consumers with high purchasing power , this niche market represents 25.3 million people with monthly household consumption in home services for $ 3.4B

LIKELY COMPETITORS: There’s a couple of young competitors playing in the ground of on-demand services market in Mexico like Zolvers or Iguana Fix, yet no one has established the value proposition of quickness, reliable and available service in the market.

PARTNERSHIPS OR COLLABORATIONS: Monkier is currently exploring potential partnerships, if you are interested in a partnerships or collaboration, please contact

MANAGEMENT TEAM: Kathia Marroquin, Mariana Malfavon, Mariana Ortiz, Alfredo Escamilla and Luisa Castañeda is the current team that gives life to Monkier.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Take a look on what we do at or contact us at

WHO ARE YOUR ROLE MODELS? We believe that there’s so many people out there doing amazing stuff is hard to point just one, we feel deeply inspired by Larry Page & Jeff Bezos both with outstanding visions that changed the way things were and challenge the status quo. We also admire Blanca Treviño CEO of Softek for her trajectory in the tech business.

WHAT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR? Knowing that we can transform the lives of other people and at the same time feel that what we do is made with passion. We like that every day we face a new challenge that gets us out of our comfort zone.

We need to understand that there are no limits, we create those limits, we can go as far as we want, each person is born with a passion for which it is worth fighting, that passion is what makes us dream and then work for that dream.

The only certainty we always have is a “no”, being an entrepreneur is to understand that if we get that “no”, we have our whole life to try again and get the "yes" and realize our dream. 

WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE ANYONE HAS GIVEN YOU? People believe that giving 100% is something extraordinary, but when you give more than 100% you realize what you really are capable of

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO OTHERS? Always have an assumption because assumptions become ideas, ideas become experiments and the result of experiments are hard and solid facts.